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Born and Raised into a family of Boxers, The Alvarez family, who had established a name many years ago in San Franciso, California. The Alvarez Family Name was well received when Pedro "PIRI' Alvarez trained, managed and signed none other than "Big" GEORGE FOREMAN to fight and win The heavy weight title for the first time against "Smokey" Joe Frazier.

Boxing and Street Self Defense
from his father:
Jorge "George" R. Alvarez Sr.
(Picture on Right)

"George" Sr.:
Trained under his father, Rodolfo W. Alvarez, whom dedicated his life to Boxing and  was a contender in the U.S. Army Boxing curcuit, and learned a great deal of Jiujitsu while serving in the ARMY. "George" Sr. Also trained under his Uncle "PIRI"(mentioned above.) for many years in his youth. "George" Sr. had to use the skills he acquired to defend himself and his younger siblings against local gangs and bullies.
For 3 years
Studied Under "Master" John L. Scott.
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"Master" John L. Scott:
Studied in many Martial Arts but was predominantly a teacher of Hap Ki Do Tae Kwon Do, Muay Thai, Brazilian Jujitsu, and Kempo. Having many accomplishments in Tournaments, in the Fighting Circuits and held a few champion ships in Muay Thai Kick Boxing."Master" Scott also served in the U.S. as a Navy SEAL whom was a Disciple
"Grandmaster" Choi Han Young
(Picture on Right)
the “Founder of the World Chun Ki Association”
While Learning the Martial Arts from Master Scott, Sifu "George" Alvarez was fortunate to have the opportunity to Also Study Under G.M. Choi Han Young under some personal Lessons and take the Martial Arts Mastery Seminar Hosted by the Grand Master in the Santa Fe Mountains.

For 12years
was Student of
Sifu Roberto “Beto” Briseno
“Founder of Tien Shan Tzi: Temple of Traditional Chinese Martial Arts
Sifu "Beto" is a Long Time Practicioner in the Martial Arts. Having Practiced Boxing early in age he found himself attracted in Learning Shotokan Karate, Guju Karate, Tang Soo Do and Jiujitsu from His first Master Ken Rogers. Later he was enlisted into the U.S. Army where he served two tours in the Vietnam war as a Special Forces Green Beret. Having served and retired he was then intrigued and became a Disciple of Grandmaster Ark Yuey Wong. Whom was the "Grandfather"of Kung Fu In America being the first Chinese teacher in martial arts to open his doors to teaching Non-Chinese students.

"Grandmaster" Sifu Ark Yuey Wong
(Picture on right)
Whom was considered as the
“The Father of Kung Fu in America”

Taugh the Original Shaolin Five Families and Five Animals Chuan Fa/Kung Fu Systems
as well as The Internal Martial Arts styles.
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After Many Years of Martial Arts Training and understanding the Human Body. Sifu "George" Alvarez
used his knowledge of Anatomy, Physiology, Accupressure and Kineseology handed down to him by his Martial Arts Teachers to successfully get his Certification and Licenseship in Massage Therapy.