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Self Respect: Honor: Team Work

Here we teach Hybrid Martial Arts but it is only the tool in learning to defends oneself, and is only the first stepping stone that leads our students to learning to protect others as well. It begins with Discipline and developing tools that create self defense beyond the physical means by developing self respect and honor. Learning to work as a team our students develop character building skills as well as having pride in their school


Q: What is the age limit?
A: We have Classes for most ages. We have 2 kinder Classes in which some students will be around 4 to 6. As well as a Juniors Class in the PM for ages 6 up to 12. Please, Keep in mind these are MARTIAL ARTS classes for SELF DEFENSE, FITNESS AND COMBAT.

Q: I'm an Adult that wants to learn self defense do I have to train with Kids?
A; Some classes are limited to Young Adult to Adults. All our classes focus on SELF DEFENSE in the RING, over the MAT and on the STREET. Do not worry you wont be asked to spar or do training with anyone you don't feel comfortable with.

Q: Can parents stay and watch?
A: Parents may stay and watch the classes, there will be room for questions and inquiries before and after classes or during small breaks.

Q: Are uniforms mandatory?
A: For a limited time Uniforms are NOT MANDATORY. They will be eventually as for some martial arts techniques do ask to wear a Gi. For now we do ask for you to wear COMFORTABLE CLOTHING that will allow free range of motion. Also to help us grow our colors are BLACK, ORANGE, GRAY, and WHITE, and some shirts will be available for purchase soon.

Please feel free to contact me with any comments, concerns and questions? :)